April 5, 2012

.Muir Woods.

Back to our San Francisco trip...

We were lucky enough to have friends who rented an SUV during our trip so we were able to visit one of the top things on my list: seeing some Redwoods. Our experience far exceeded my expectations. Sure it was rainy and cold, and I was almost neurotic in the amount of layers I put on Dylan to cover her from the elements, but to walk and take in these trees that have been here histories ago... I got all grateful and happy that my family was able to experience things like this.

Also, we had a celebrity sighting at the organic cafĂ© in the park! Marcia Cross and her family were there munching away on the locally farm-grown goods and we did our best to play it cool in order to respect her privacy. There was also no cell phone signal where we were, so that was probably for the best with the small crowd that obviously was aware of her presence. 

Aside from choosing to use our phones to capture the greenery in order to avoid the stress of caring for the camera in the rain, I had no complaints.  People say I'm high maintenance... which isn't entirely true.  Given proper preparation, I can battle the elements. I can even play sometimes too.  And I had a blast playing in these woods... 

P.S. The Golden Gate bridge

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sarah - dodeline design said...

I feel silly....but who is Marcia Cross? ;-)