April 13, 2012

.It Has Been A Good Week.

We got a record player! We've been on the hunt for a while, with no luck.  My father-in-law surprised us Sunday with this old beauty that was stored away in some space or another, and how excited we were.  We've been spending the last few evenings relaxing to a few vintage records, and few new ones of our own.  Although just on loan for now, it's made itself at home already in a spot in our living room.

Our goddaughter was born Tuesday!  Isabelle Ardin decided to come four weeks early, but is doing phenomenal so far and we couldn't be more grateful.  I can already tell she is a very special little girl.

I passed my comprehensive exam!  I was sort of an anxiety-ridden lunatic in the days leading up, but I have some good people who kept me together, including my dissertation committee.  Now starts the real fun of actually writing this dissertation, but I've got a pretty good plan, and I feel great about it.  What a relief it is to have everything involving my portfolio finished and over though.

I got my bridesmaid's dress in for my best friend's wedding!  It's a beautiful blush, and I really can't wait to reunite with the girls in June.

Sleep training has been a success this week! Let's just say, mama is finally getting the sleep she's long been needing.  Everything happens when it's supposed to. 

I have been attempting meal planning for the last few weeks, and that has made for some interesting cooking experiences, but we've been feeling much better fed and less stressed in the process.

G is off this weekend and we have some fun plans in mind!  I'm giving myself the whole weekend off of being productive, and just doing whatever strikes my fancy. 

It's going to be the best.

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