August 7, 2012

.We don't do this enough.

To celebrate our four year anniversary, we planned a quick trip to the Emerald Coast, and it did not disappoint.  We're not the spontaneous kind; we like to plan our "fun" way in advance, but this weekend reinforced that maybe we can cut ourselves a little break when the mood strikes.

Dylan did not love the beach nearly as much as she did the first time, but luckily some of our beach-seasoned parent friends gave us some helpful tips.  My friend, Megan, strongly suggested bringing a small, inflatable pool to entertain baby and keep her cool, and boy were we grateful.  What a simple but brilliant idea!  Dylan was much happier viewing the beach than being any direct part of it, and that allowed G and I to loosen up and enjoy the surroundings.

We definitely don't do that enough.

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Hannah said...

happy anniversary! The pictures are awesome! the first one is my favourite!