August 20, 2012

.When She Wakes.

I read this article recently, and wondered how I can start my day differently to make it more manageable and successful.  I've talked about how I spend my mornings before here and here, but what else could I do to have some time for myself to start the day with a more calm demeanor and a better attitude?

Last week, I started simple.  I read the paper and enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed for a half hour before dashing to get ready for the day.  It wouldn't seem like this should make any difference, but it did.  Waking up a bit earlier meant I got to see Garrett and put on a pot of coffee for both of us before he left.  So already, his day may have started a little brighter.  It also gave me a few minutes to sit quiet, take some deep breaths, and really wake up peacefully instead of in the normal rushed and irritating panic. 

One day last week, the bed was just too warm and cozy so I slept in, thinking it'd have no difference, and call it placebo effect or coincidence if you'd like, but I did have a much more challenging and draining time of it that day!  So I'm going to continue this new experiment of carving a little bit of quiet time for myself before the duties have to start and see how it goes.  Who knew just a few minutes of respite could have such an impact? 

Obviously the smart ones :)

P.S. Picture Source: via Morgan on Pinterest


sarah - dodeline design said...

It does make a difference! I get up early to work often (i.e. right now ;-)) and for some reason even though I got less sleep I often feel better most of the day.

Danielle said...

I started the same thing this week -waking up just a little earlier buy staying in bed and getting up a little more slowly. So far I am liking it!