August 2, 2012

.The History of Love.

You asked me to prom.
You took me on dates.
You asked me to be your girlfriend.
You told me you loved me.
You told me you would try this long distance.
You told me you were proud of me.
You spent hours on the phone.
You drove hundreds of miles.
You told me you missed me.
You planned your future with me.
You asked me to marry you.
You made me a wife.
You searched endlessly for our first house.
You bought us a perfect home.
You loved my family.
You took adventures with me.
You grew to crave travel too.
You sought advice from me.
You taught me.
You bought me flowers, even when I told you not to.
You acted ridiculous with me because it was fun.
You told me to follow my life vision.
You assured me over and over and over, that I could do it.
You held my hand when I got nervous.
You let me be me.
You told me you were ready for a baby.
You were my shoulder to cry on when it wouldn't happen.
You've held me close when I break down.
You entertained every wacky idea I've ever had.
You read with me.
You let me win, dozens of time.
You learned to understand that I will never be a cook.
You were patient as you watched me grow up.
You laughed with me when I needed it most.
You managed my crazy.
You danced with me.
You were always on my team.
You never wanted me to feel alone.
You made me assertive.
You kept me tough.
You let me be sensitive too.
You sang with me.
You made me a mama.
You held me accountable.
You made me a better friend.
You made me a better person.

Happy four years of marriage sweetheart.
And more, and many many more.

P.S. Title of this post from one of my favorite books.
P.P.S. Our past anniversaries: year 2 / year 3

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