January 1, 2012


 New Years Eve. 

A night always so full of expection was far exceeded this year.  Spending the night snacking inside, sitting by the fire outside, chatting with the game on, watching the fireworks go off all night around town, in and out of sparkly heels, and a sweet baby being passed along friends' arms while fighting sleep (seemingly, she did not want to miss out on the excitement), it was just the kind of way you'd want to bring in the new year. 

P.S. Yes, I am of the sect that believes in Christmas presentation from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Today will be the annual {sad} day of  decor retirement.


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

love that baby headband. what a cute little bow!

Eunice said...

Dylan is getting more and more precious everyday! Happy New Year mama!

sarah - dodeline design said...

I am the same way! My decorations are coming down today and it's very very sad.

Your heels are INCREDIBLE! I had a sequined blouse, but darn I wish I could have sparkled up the shoes too ;-)

Happy New Year!