January 11, 2012


In my experience, about 95% of life depends on your attitude.  And it's way, way too short to be anything but wholeheartedly enthusiastic.

Some of the resolutions I've been working on for the year?

Complain less. Bitterness eats away at the joy. Be an example of a godly woman to Dylan. Work everyday to deepen my relationship with God.  Spontaneously kiss my husband more often. Be a consistent friend. Take more family walks. Write more. I've learned through this blog that it is something I enjoy. Don't stop traveling, even though it's challenging with responsibilities.  Panic less, relax more. Work on the catastrophizer in me. Help more than I hurt. Make it a priority to digitally disconnect. I feel more that way, live more that way.  Read more for fun. Even when I'm busy. Especially to Dylan. Don't give up on my new hobby, even though knitting isn't easy. Eat better.  Enjoy quality, not convenience.  Work to live, don't live to work, and live well. Take more videos. Remember why I chose my profession and why I love it. Try not to get burned out. Live for today, but keep making plans. Continue to gain confidence in my mind and creativity.

After a year like 2011, I can only be enthusiastic and hopeful about what 2012 can bring. 

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HayleySF said...

I love that you wrote your resolutions down! Kind of a commitment of sorts - to help you remember throughout the year. I will have to do the same!
Thank you!