January 23, 2012

.The Air was Damp.

This weekend was full of off and on showers creating the best cozy environment.  It's still not as cold as I'd like for January, but the drizzly comfort will do for now.  I don't mind weekends where nothing sounds better than takeout every night, baby play dates, where we venture out into the rain just to get out of house in search of fun items like tea kettles, books and baby stockings, and let the candles burn for hours on end with live concerts on tv as I (try to) work furiously.  Now the chores still have to be done, and the pups are muddy, and I struggled with something as simple as leaving Dylan in the church nursery this Sunday (in my defense, this was the first time anyone but her grandparents has watched over her), but regardless we ended the weekend brimful of smiles and laughs and all those other things are just petty compared to the rest.


Sarah said...

It was like that here too and I loved it - nothing better than q cozy family weekend :-)

Kelly said...

I love drizzly weather - a perfect excuse to stay indoors and just enjoy the people around you. And that face! What a cutie.