January 31, 2014

.Snow days.

Thanks to winter storm Leon, we got a few unexpected days at home.  This area is just not prepared for cold and wet weather, and neither were the babies.  Dylan and G were fans of playing outside for about 15 minutes tops.  So these days were full of too much food, lots of playing, books, and movies, catching up on work, starting new novels, and awesome dance parties to get out some cooped-up energy.  

My whole schedule is thrown off now to go back to work for one day and then have the weekend, but   what a treat these few days have been.  Glad we got a few pictures before I broke our camera lens :(  Now I understand why G says I can't have nice things.

P.S. Our last winter storm.

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Emily said...

awesome pictures! we are currently having a "snow day" (if you can even call it that) in texas right now, so I'm finally able to catch up on all my favorite blogs (and find new ones!) your little fam is precious!