January 2, 2014

.Alot has happened since we last met.

Several pictures from our holiday season.  What a good time it was, and 10 glorious days to step away from the grind to just be.

I've been in the thick of it.  The words have not flown as easily because it feels like there's not enough space in my brain... it's all taken up by schedules and lists and games and cuddles and obligations, but the energy to put words to paper (so to speak) has been an afterthought at most.  The few minutes I need to take to be mindful of my spiritual and mental health have been so neglected, that I'm multitasking through these activities like I'm some sort of robot on autopilot (like, I'm literally listening to a mindfulness exercise while typing- but I'm sorry, there just aren't enough hours in the day!).  So I will list the things I wish to share with you in no specific order, but in the way my rapid thoughts have dispersed them...

Dylan's vocabulary has exploded.  I mean, big time.  Play school was challenging for me at first; I always felt on guard and protective, but this kid LOVES going.  She talks about it constantly, and I know she's challenged there in the best way possible.  It's great to see other people love your kids besides family, you know?  Dylan is a talking, growing person who loves expressing herself and is so helpful and thoughtful, it makes her mama proud.  And she's more hilarious by the day!  And loves her sister more than I could have hoped and through all the tough challenges of being two, never neglects to show her little sister that affection Mila so thrives on.  Dylan is my shooting star; she amazes and thrills me.

My Mila girl.  She's nearly 7 months and although suffers from many 2nd-child considerations, is always front and center.  She's a good-hearted, joyful child.  She is the balancing act to her persistent and wild sister, and must keep her mama in her sights just to be sure all is well.  Mila is the trickling and calming waters to the flood of my normal days.  She is my warmth; she soothes my needs and shows me truth.

And my passion, my G.  We experienced the typical post-baby phase, but we've been rejuvenated.  Garrett is my core.  I can't find a better way to explain it.  It's all those corny love songs and poems.  I love the struggle and the daily hustle with him.  I love that I don't have to explain myself because he understands me.  I hope that everyone gets that person that enlivens you and wakes that complacency that's so easy to fall into.

What a year of personal and professional growth.  Cliches are the worst, but age and experience does help to melt away(ish) the confusion, insecurity, and growing pains.  Age brings solidarity, confidence, and focus.  So here goes nothing new year.  Last year we were about being proactive; this year's focus will be on gladness and well-being... and ahem... let's add finally learning about some pesky hobbies that have been on my list for ages.  Cheers to that!

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