January 20, 2014

"Good jawwb!" (Good job for those who don't speak toddler.)

Some recent pictures from our park days.  I keep writing about how funny Dylan is and the crazy stuff she says.  I thought I'd document a few lines I hope to never forget.


When asked her favorite color- "Browwnnnn.  And Meeyaah (Mila) hab (have) bluueee.  And you hab pink!!"

"That's D for me!"

When asked what her favorite animal was- "Ummm... orange!"

"Dance wiff me!!"

When asked what makes her happy- "Meeeeyaaahh (Mila)."

"Meeyahh no put in mouff!"  (Mila, don't put it [my toy] in your mouth!)

When asked how old mama is- "Ffthreee!" 

"Ahhh yurr hair is sooo ca-uttee (cute)."

"Gimmee BIG hug!!"

When asked who her best friend is- "Meeyah my bess frennd."

"Shhhhh!!  Be quiieett.  I reading.  I talking."

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dodeline said...

completely adorable.