June 17, 2013

.Dylan turns 2!

Today, Dylan is two!!  It's been a whirlwind.  Between Mila's arrival, my birthday, Father's Day, Dylan's birthday, and then my mom's birthday all within three weeks... it's been celebratory chaos.

I didn't want to neglect Dylan's second birthday just because of the coming of her sister, but we were limited.  So last minute, we planned a simple play date with a few of her little friends, and although the weather absolutely did not cooperate and we had to seek cover, I don't think Dylan minded a bit.

Two years is gone in a flash and this little person with (ahem... strong) opinions and a lively personality brings fun and humor into everyday life.  It's never dull nor predictable, and I can't wait to watch her flourish with a playmate and as an older sister.

Happy birthday my sweet girl!

P.S. Dylan's first birthday and her birth story.
P.P.S. My mom made adorable flower crowns for the girls, and Dylan hated it and refused to wear it more than 3 seconds.  Typical.

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dodeline said...

I just can't believe she is two already! The time is positively flying by, but it looks like you guys are making the most of it :-)