June 20, 2012

.Dylan's Carnival.

Dylan's birthday was a blast!  

On Sunday, we had our own little carnival at home full of finger painting, a photo booth, sun tea, chalk coloring, ice-cream, bubbles, and our version of a baby water park.  And sure when the time came, I forgot a ton of stuff we had planned (this bunting that I made and didn't even remember to use was a bit painful) , and not everything worked out perfect, and things moved way too fast, but I think Dylan and the kids enjoyed the warm afternoon and that's what mattered to me.  This was a celebration not only for Dylan, but also for some of the people (big and small) who have had an impact on her first year.

At the end of the day, I cut a small piece of the kiddos' artwork as a keepsake to frame and add to Dylan's growing homemade gallery.  I want her to look back one day and see that it was always important for us to try to be in the moment and just have fun together.  Even if it makes a little bit of a mess, because when is life ever really neat?

I am full of thanks for everyone's help to make my Dylan's day so great, especially to our families.  She is one lucky little girl.

- Invitations by Dodeline Design.
- Cakes by my dear friend Mary Myrick.
- Teepee made by Lolli's Loveables.
- Baby-safe finger paints made by a mixture of water, flour, and food coloring as seen here.
- Party hat idea from here.
- Vintage linens graciously provided by G's family.
- Some of these photos kindly provided by my mom.

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Dodeline said...

This is so adorable! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day - it was such an honor! Your friend's cake is really beautiful!