June 27, 2012

.Laughs and Squeals.

This weekend, my dad and his family came for a visit.  I spent most of it cuddled with the newest and sweetest member of the family, Caleb, while Kate played the role of coolest aunt ever to Dylan.  They played so well together, with Kathryn 'reading' and talking to her, always so patient and kind.  

These two little girls sure do have my heart, and we all spent the time the family was here completely content in playing with the kiddos, and letting them have some child's time rummaging and whispering in the teepee alone.  After all, those laughs and squeals could be heard from the next room and all it took was a quick peek when they were a bit too quiet to know that they were just busy, well, being little kids.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

What a sweet pair they make! :-)