June 10, 2013

.Rookies no longer.

Our first week together, much smoother this time around, perhaps because we are no longer rookies.  This rhythm we know, still fresh in our minds, unlike the unknown territory of raising your first.  

Dylan is in love with her little sister, giving dozens of kisses, and totally ignoring Mila's personal space.  At the hospital, when it came time to check Mila's vitals, Dylan very seriously said to the nurse, "be nice!"  It's adorable, and I hope in the future that protectiveness and love wins over any jealousy or competition.

So far Mila seems laid-back and low maintenance, but as time goes on I look forward to better knowing this new soul.

P.S. The rest of the littlest nursery.
P.P.S. Our other first week.

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