March 20, 2013

.Married to an older man.

Today is Garrett's 27th birthday!

For his birthday, we got awesome bikes!!  Yes, we ;)  Thanks for being a great sport G.  I look forward to the hours I'll spend by your side riding, enjoying the scenery, and finding adventure with our little family.  

As we get older,  he tries to make his birthday less and less of a big deal.  But a day that celebrates the existence of my very best friend is no small thing.  So we'll make it a multi-day event full of spring-time bike rides, a celebratory meal, and a cookie cake to complete, requested from the birthday boy himself.

A lot of the time, life is hard.  
But I love this simple life with you.

P.S. Garrett's 25th and 26th birthday.

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