March 22, 2013

.Our first home.

Look at that beauty!

Our first home as a family, illustrated by the talented Rebekka Seale.   I've been an admirer of Rebekka's beautiful work for a long time, and jumped at the chance to have a house portrait done of our sweet home.  Rebekka is gracious and creative, and has the most beautiful home in Tennessee herself!

I'm sure I'll find myself with more of her art in the future, and I highly recommend you check her out yourself.  I know this painting will have a special place in our future homes for years and years to come.  Our first home where both our babies were (will be) born, details like the fence that Garrett built in our first year here, the front yard where Dylan has experienced so much play, the memories inside this place through the seasons. 

Thank you again Rebekka!

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