March 4, 2013

.Recent things.

A mixture of celebrations, enjoying (cool) days at the park, drinking in the sunshine and the taste of Spring at the yogurt shoppe, hours of (dull) data analysis and long evenings spent with SPSS, social outings, and lining up odds and ends for littlest baby girl.  

I know it's a terrible practice to rush precious time, but this summer will be so welcome.  The time when the days are long, and we're sticky with river water and sun, the first time ever that I'll be able to focus entirely on my little family and be done with draining deadlines, research, and other various academic obligations.  

So until then, we'll stay as we are and savor this season because it too, is good.

P.S. That coke was not Dylan's, herego the distressed look on her face because I was ignoring her requests to open her father's sugary goodness.

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