March 3, 2014

.Peace in the Woods.

While at work Thursday, I started getting emails from G with links for airbnb properties; someone was in need of an escape!  He found a great cabin in Murphy, North Carolina that was nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, so we packed up the babies and Garrett's parents for a weekend retreat.  It was soothingly tranquil and felt like we were the only ones sheltered in that wilderness. 

We explored the woods, laughed over old stories by the fire,  played hilariously bad games of ping pong, cuddled, did puzzles, blocks, coloring, and spent as much time as possible on the wrap-around porch listening to the world carried along the mountains, through the wind. 

It was the best time just doing things that made us happy.

P.S. Other awesome adventures thanks to airbnb in Savannah, Denver, and St. Augustine.

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Anna said...

Looks like a perfect mountain getaway!!