October 1, 2012

.We Were Here.

We last went to Savannah en route to our baby moon in Charleston, and once before to celebrate our one year anniversary.  This time was for work purposes, but we tried fit in what we could on my down time.  

Since it was not our first trip to the old city, we were able to focus on our favorite parts.  We stayed in a beautiful carriage house on the property of the historic mansion of a local doctor (thanks again Airbnb!).  We ate at some local and highly recommended favorites like Huey's on River Street (twice) and The Crab Shack on Tybee Island, and sat under the oak trees and around the fountains of every park we could to let Dylan explore.

Traveling with baby is getting to be challenging now that she's 15 months old.  Old enough to be antsy, yet too young to be entertained in a restricted place.  There were meltdowns, and while Garrett is amazing in these situations (I immediately start to panic and find an exit), I think we'll give Dylan a bit of a break as far as long trips go.

P.S. Title of this post from one of my favorite albums.

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