February 18, 2014

.A decade later.

We just celebrated ten years of being together. Love has gotten us far these ten years, but choosing to be here and try every day... that's been what's kept us together.  Choosing to be best friends, choosing to be there for each other even when we didn't always deserve it, choosing paths that would make our family happy, not just ourselves as individuals, that's what made this a grand decade.  And let's not forget the arguments, disagreements, stubbornness, selfishness; let's not forget the pure ridiculous logic we would throw at each other to justify our actions!  Because it's through those heated discussions that we were again forced to choose.  What's good for me versus what's good for us.  So all the days we chose to love and all the days we chose to fight still shows me we choose each other.  Even when our selfish ways say it's too hard.  That it's not fair. Because through the good times and the hard times and making these choices, we realized what was healthy for us, who we wanted to be and what we believed and stood for and what we wanted out of life. Thankfully, after that growth from naive teenagers to real adults, we could still look each other in the eye with admiration, respect, and love. Thank you for working with me at this every single day. Here's to more great choices.

Image  of us by Todd Borka

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