November 1, 2012

.Dress Up.

My dissertation proposal was this week and what a relief.  Just a few adjustments and I'll be ready to start collecting data (finally!).  Aside from focusing on that, G has been crazy busy finishing details to get the yogurt shoppe opened, and Dylan has been happily toying away with projects, and staying in motion.  This kiddo is always on the move.

For Halloween, Dylan dressed up as one of my favorite childhood characters- Nancy Drew.  She wasn't a fan of the headband, but she is such a little curious investigator, I thought she was well suited for the part.  We got to spend a nice evening in with our friends eating pizza and passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters before the girls were ready for bed.  To celebrate the holiday, Dylan even got to savor some chocolate.  It was the least I could do after she was such a good sport!

P.S. Dylan's costume last year.

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