November 14, 2012

.Those Kinds of Weeks.

It's been those kinds of weeks where yes, we are busy, but I also don't know what we've exactly been busy with.  It's all just a blur, and suddenly it's nearly Thanksgiving and we're in the last weeks of classes and now I'm on the hunt for Christmas presents and making holiday plans, and where has the time gone??  It's like we've been in a black hole of events and deadlines and baby kisses and family visits and my camera card is full of shots of all of the above but why can't I ever seem to sit down long enough to sort through it all?  It hasn't been all about duty lately though as there has been time spent watching zombies and dramas and reading books about the past and future and even getting to bed at a decent hour.  I guess the only answer is time displacement.  I've been shuffling things up a bit around here and it hasn't been bad, it's just been... different.  But you can see that one thing is the same and my thoughts are scattered but either way there are only minor complaints (because this is real life after all), but lots of things us Tylers have to look forward to.

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