September 10, 2012


Lately after the exhaustingly productive and stressful summer I've had, I've been settling into the 'Fall" nicely.  I don't really know what's changed (maybe my mindset?), but I've been getting better and better at managing my time, therefore decreasing my stress levels.

Lately we've spent as much time as possible outside; biking, walking, eating, playing.  The Fall is welcome, but the long, humid days will be missed.

Lately I've made time to watch movies that have been on my list for ages and read again (could not put down this nail biting novel!).  I've also been listening to these lectures nonstop on my commutes (I found this one, this one, and this one particularly fascinating).

Lately Dylan is talking and talking up a storm, throwing in a few 'real' words in every so often (although I think she may break the world record on how many times you can say "no" in the most cheerful- and secretly hilarious- way). 

Lately I've been considering the lost art of humility, and how a healthy dose of it every now and again would bring us all closer, instead of driving us further apart in bitterness, competition, or annoyance.

Lately, I've been surprised at how much I enjoy teaching, where it actually compares to the love I have for being a therapist.  What an interesting thing to explore for the future.

Lately, it's just felt easier to breathe.  Although I do believe a helpful and encouraging husband and support system have something to do with that.

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Hannah said...

what a beautiful girl of yours! her hair is so awesome! take care of her, she'll be someone really great! uuhh, wait she already is!