September 19, 2012

.What I know to be true.

Three things I know to be true-

One. Apathy is one of the most dangerous things to possess.  When one has no passion, no sense of greater purpose or meaning, they are like a hollow shell floating and drifting along, carried only by the fickle current.

Two. The easiest, yet still incredibly powerful form of therapy is a trip outdoors.  A long walk somewhere new, a bike ride across town, a swim that gives you goose bumps, a sunset that colors the sky to look like a painting, a car ride with the breeze tickling your skin.

Three. Discount people just because of their age, background, or appearance, and miss out on the richness and complexity of life through listening to stories different from your own.  Learn lessons all along the journey, not just in your own back yard.

What is it that you know to be true?

P.S. Post inspired by the beautiful poet Sarah Kay's TED Talk entitled "If I should have a daughter."

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