December 10, 2012

.Dylan helps with the baby.

That's right, as of early June, Dylan will be helping with the baby!   

We are so so grateful for the influx of well wishes so far, and although this was quite the surprise versus last time, we are feeling so blessed.

To tell our families, we thought it'd be cute to have Dylan bring this book to her grandparents to read, where they would then become suspicious and we could reveal our good news.  Unfortunately, Dylan the toddler was not always so cooperative, and when she was, the message of the book wasn't very clear to family members.  Ha!  Eventually I just decided to make a slight edit to the book to avoid confusion.

Although we're so excited, we are so nervous to have two littles only two years apart!  How do people do it??  

P.S. Our first baby reveal.

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Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Jessica! I am so so happy for you two! Congratulations & hugs from SC!