September 2, 2011

.Keep Pushing for the Life You Want.

Another brutal week; only 12 weeks left to go until the end of this ridiculously busy semester. Work is a different story- there’s never any catching up when it comes to helping manage the symptoms of the severely mentally ill. My to-do list gains more than it loses, and relaxation these days consists of catching up on emails, cleaning up around the house and taking care of sweet baby. I’m sure everyone feels this way most of the time… too much to do and not enough hours to do it. I feel like I’ve been walking in a deliriously confused daze of stress, obligation, exhaustion, dedication, hope, and motivation the past several weeks. I keep telling myself that I’m paying my dues; that this will all pay off in the long run… which I’m sure it will. Right now the long run seems pretty far away though so I push myself everyday to focus even harder on life’s little bits of happiness that I find in between the chaos.

The sweet smile I get from Dylan first thing in the morning and when I pick her up from her Gigi and Poppy’s at the end of the day. The much-too-short-but-so-appreciated massage from G during a weak moment. Sunday night traditions of best friends, baby bedtimes and True Blood. The comfort in knowing I’m following God's calling for me. Support from school friends turned great friends through this process. Exchanging book titles with others. The never-ending calls and texts from my family. Keeping up with old friends no matter how many miles separate us. A long weekend surrounded by the mountains to bring in the fall… right when it’s most needed.

Wishing you a long weekend of exactly everything you need.

.Title quote from Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be. I know you'll get through it and it will pay off in the end!