July 24, 2013

.This summer

I've never had a summer like this.  A summer away from work and school, devoted just to child-rearing and whatever else I please.

Now, granted I've never been much good at the whole relaxation and leisure thing, and trust that there is no sleeping in involved, but there's been a whole new type of enjoyment and fulfillment here with the littles.

This two year old stage, what an incredible ride full of funny toddler logic and crazy meltdowns, and she has so much to say and it's amazing to understand most of it.  Although I know I only have a few more weeks before going back to reality, this reality has been pretty wonderful.  I don't stress about the mornings Mila just wants to be held, and relish the moments when they want to cuddle.  It's going to be over so soon.  Dylan starts nursery school in August and while we are all super excited and I know my kiddos are in the best hands, I miss them while I'm away on the front lines.

This summer is exactly what I needed (minus all this ridiculous rain).

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