May 15, 2013


About a month or so ago, Dylan started having some real sleep trouble.  It brought back terrible memories of our sleep training experience and I worried if this was a regression to expect with the impending arrival of her little sister.  She just all of a sudden hated her crib and was not going to sleep in it.  After a few stressful days of fighting to even get her to nap, we wondered if she was just ready for the freedom of a toddler bed.  It's crazy to think your baby is ready to just sleep and rise and get into things whenever they choose, but we were willing to try (luckily, we could watch her close on the camera).  The first few days after the transition, she ended up falling asleep on the floor (so sad!), but luckily she caught on quick and it's made all the difference.  She may play a little before bedtime, but always makes her way to bed when she's ready, and in the morning plays for up to an hour in there before calling for us.  It's bittersweet to see her becoming more independent.

Here a few fun screen grabs we've caught on camera!

And yes, she insists on putting all those babies in the bed with her.

Yesterday, we tried our first night without the pacifier.  Yikes! After only four hours of sleep all night, we survived?  Hoping for each day to get easier for her (and us), in this latest transition.  Next up: potty training! 

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dodeline said...

Wow, how funny! Some of those positions are quite uncomfortable!