January 22, 2013

Day 1- Is it too early to cry?

Introducing the dissertation depression series...

Data analysis day 1- Is it too early to cry?  

Because I think that might make me feel better.  In the first few hours of sitting down with this raw data (after much procrastination), I've already used three lifelines- my finance-minded husband, an intelligent member of my cohort, and a brilliantly respected committee member.

Still, nothing makes sense.  I'm pretty sure I took all those research and stats classes that are supposed to be an aid in this process.

This new series probably should have started about a year and a half ago when this process began.  I think I've been in a constant loop of most the stages of grief: the denial, bargaining, anger, and depression.  Now I'm learning to accept it.  

Baptism by fire my friends.

Picture source: matchbookmag.tumblr.com via Jessica on Pinterest


Sarah said...

Oh gosh, I don't envy your task! You'll figure it out. It's definitely a stages kind of thing...I go through that with lots of projects: the excitement, the despair, the ups and downs...

Anonymous said...

All these years of preparation will kick in. It may seem difficult right now but take one step at a time. You'll do it brilliantly as every challenge in your lufe. I'll be praying for you..