February 7, 2013

.This go around.

I feel so bad.

I documented so much of my pregnancy with Dylan, and this poor baby is getting little attention.  Maybe it's because more than half of it has flown by already (how??).  Maybe it's because I'm much less neurotic this go-around.  Most likely though, it's because I'm so overwhelmed with trying to finish this doctorate, while working full-time and chasing after an adorable toddler, that I haven't even given myself a moment to process much about what's going on in my body.

We aren't completely neglecting littlest baby girl though, as we're making headway with her room and planning a small party to celebrate her addition to our family.  Still, I have a lot of to do and don't even get me started on the emotions involved in enjoying these last few months with just my sweet Dylan.

In total, I'm kind of a mess these days.  Continue to bear with me if you will.

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HEY! What about me?!

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