April 9, 2014

.That time we took off to the other side of the world.

Another conference, and another beautiful experience.  A few weeks ago, we got to explore amazing Oahu!  With my husband and without babies (it was the first time leaving them- talk about hard). Between paddle boarding, beach time, hiking, kayaking, picnics, and getting up at dawn each morning (thanks jet lag!) to watch the island wake up, it was incredible and the most relaxed I've been in years.  It didn't hurt to get the local experience and quality time with my best friend, Lauren, and her perfect family who actually live in this paradise.

Thanks so much for having us Lauren and Aaron.  It was an unforgettable trip and just what we needed! Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

March 13, 2014

.On why everyone needs an intern.

image found here.

Everyone needs an intern.  And I don't mean like the intern who gets you coffee and does the menial work you don't want to do; I mean a trainee who is working (many times for free) to learn your trade. I've had a few years' experience with interns (being one myself not so long ago), but this year I've actually been in charge of supervising them, and it's been an unexpected learning experience.

I think the key is having a good intern, but not always necessary.  A bad intern will force you to realize what's professionally important to you and not, and develop your assertive leadership skills.  A good intern asks questions that really make you think.  Interns come in with fresh, eager eyes, and without the hardened exterior that years on the frontline will do to you.  Interns come with ideas and passion that regular students don't quite yet possess, as they're just so ready to get their hands dirty.  Interns inquire about all kinds of things you haven't thought about in awhile, and ask for justification and rationale.  They just want to understand it all.  

It's given me a whole new excitement for my job.  It's helped to rejuvenate me and remember why I started.  It's forced me to sit and consider the why and how of it all instead of just the do.  It's rattled the sense of security and complacency in the best way possible.  It's accountability in the day-to-day; in your trade, in your conduct and professionalism, in your influence and management.

So no matter what you do for a living, the environment in which you work, corporate or at home, professional or parent, I think everyone needs an intern.  That junior voice that objectively examines and challenges, and helps you remember that the books and the trainings aren't what develop you, but the hustle.  It's in the hustle where we find success and fulfillment, and I have dutiful interns to thank for reminding me of that.

March 3, 2014

.Peace in the Woods.

While at work Thursday, I started getting emails from G with links for airbnb properties; someone was in need of an escape!  He found a great cabin in Murphy, North Carolina that was nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, so we packed up the babies and Garrett's parents for a weekend retreat.  It was soothingly tranquil and felt like we were the only ones sheltered in that wilderness. 

We explored the woods, laughed over old stories by the fire,  played hilariously bad games of ping pong, cuddled, did puzzles, blocks, coloring, and spent as much time as possible on the wrap-around porch listening to the world carried along the mountains, through the wind. 

It was the best time just doing things that made us happy.

P.S. Other awesome adventures thanks to airbnb in Savannah, Denver, and St. Augustine.

February 18, 2014

.A decade later.

We just celebrated ten years of being together. Love has gotten us far these ten years, but choosing to be here and try every day... that's been what's kept us together.  Choosing to be best friends, choosing to be there for each other even when we didn't always deserve it, choosing paths that would make our family happy, not just ourselves as individuals, that's what made this a grand decade.  And let's not forget the arguments, disagreements, stubbornness, selfishness; let's not forget the pure ridiculous logic we would throw at each other to justify our actions!  Because it's through those heated discussions that we were again forced to choose.  What's good for me versus what's good for us.  So all the days we chose to love and all the days we chose to fight still shows me we choose each other.  Even when our selfish ways say it's too hard.  That it's not fair. Because through the good times and the hard times and making these choices, we realized what was healthy for us, who we wanted to be and what we believed and stood for and what we wanted out of life. Thankfully, after that growth from naive teenagers to real adults, we could still look each other in the eye with admiration, respect, and love. Thank you for working with me at this every single day. Here's to more great choices.

Image  of us by Todd Borka

February 14, 2014

To Jessica, Happy 11th Valentine


I have been wanting to write this for a long time and figured today was the best day to finally do it. This is my declaration to how awesome you are. I don’t say it enough of how much I appreciate you and everything you put up with on a daily basis (meaning me). You are the most amazing women I have ever met. Not only do I learn new things about you everyday, you help me discover new things about myself. You have turned my simple small town, southern boy’s, life into an adventure. You have taught me so much about myself and help me expand my interests over the years. You have made me want to learn more and travel more. You have turned traveling into my biggest bucket list desire. I once wanted to own a vacation home, now I don’t want to be tied down to one place. I want to travel and see the world! Experience everything it has to offer because our time is so limited on this earth. Most importantly, I only want to share this experience WITH you beside me (ah, and maybe the kids can join).

You have showed me what true love is. It is a love full of compassion, trust, love, & commitment.
Compassion – you have empathy for others that shines in every aspect of your life. This is what makes you a wonderful partner, friend, wife, mother, & therapist. 

Trust – We have a relationship whose foundation was based on trust. We would never have made it through those college years without Trust. I believe it is the glue to our relationship. Trust is not something given but earned over time

Love – You make it a point to be an emotionally and independently happy individual. You treat me with pure love and show me the utmost respect.

Commitment – You are committed to US! No matter what obstacle comes along, we are in this fight together. And to constantly remind ourselves that we are still on the same team!

I thank you for holding me to high standards, not letting me settle, and that makes me strive to be a better husband and a great father to our two beautiful kids.

I love and don’t know what I would do without you in my life and I want the world to know it. Thank you for best 10 years of my life and here’s to 60 more.

Garrett Hamilton Tyler

Cancun, Mexico

Negril, Jamaica 
Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC

Boston, MA
Boston, MA


Travel inspired 2012 Vday gift of all the places we have visited

Hilton Head, SC

Savannah, GA


NYC x3

St. Augustine, FL

VT (The beautiful Windswept Acres)

And of course life's greatest most rewarding adventure of all......